Jan Bosch, Remedial Massage Therapist

 Biography of Jan Bosch, M.Ost., ISRM., CAFS.,

Jan grew up in South Africa, where he fell in love with the outdoors. He moved to the UK in 2000 and joined the British Army serving for 4 years. It was here that he found his passion for sport and injury rehabilitation and started his Personal Training business.

After spending a number of years working as a personal trainer at the Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge, London; Jan further trained in Soft Tissue Therapy and qualified as a Master of Osteopathy in 2013.

Jan went on to study applied functional science with the Gray Institute to further develop his functional training and rehabilitation. He now practices as a Soft Tissue Therapist, using his knowledge and experience to support clients with injury recovery and their fitness goals.

In his spare time, Jan enjoys mountain biking, running with his dog and competing in multi-sport events. Jan and his wife love the outdoors, they often compete in events together and even his son did his first triathlon when he was 6 years old.

What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

Soft Tissue Therapy is an effective traditional hands-on therapy. We treat all minor and chronic injuries, aches and pains that everyone suffers with at some point in life. We treat not only the immediate problem but we also look for the root causes of the injury, such as poor posture, past injury or occupational stress factors. The longer term aim of the treatment is also to prevent injury and improving overall physical well-being.

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