Mother and Baby Osteopathy appointments

Mother and Baby Osteopathy Appointments at Petersfield Osteopathy enables maternal health check up following delivery and time for treatment to resolve functional strains in the maternal pelvis, including organs such as uterus, bladder and bowel.

Osteopathy has gentle hands on external techniques to treat perineum, bony articular strains of the pelvis and spine; balancing work through the suspensory ligaments of the intestines, uterus, bladder and other organs which adjust around the developing baby in pregnancy and often need a little help in returning to optimal positioning and function following birth.

Osteopathic techniques for the new-born including premature babies, allows for the normal physiologic processes of lung function and digestive system for instance, to be optimised by the release of functional strains in the body caused by descending and turning into the maternal pelvis; and during birth a natural process known as the ‘restitution phase’ enables head, neck positioning to create alignment with the baby’s shoulder girdle and thorax such that the optimal positioning for final phase of delivery can be accomplished.

Subtle strains in soft tissues and ligaments which suspend the organs can create functional strains in the body which can contribute to the unsettled infant whether through digestive, sleep, or other physiologic mechanisms. The gentle hands on techniques of an Osteopath permit the effective and safe resolution of these functional strains enabling normal physiology to function well.

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